Welcome to sunny thoughts!

My name is Sunny (they/she) and I read, recommend, and review books of all genres, with a particular emphasis on lesbian and queer literature, speculative fiction, and women writers. I love sharing my thoughts on books with a community of readers online. I’m a reader and a dedicated drinker of earl gray tea, and I hold the identities of Asian-American femme lesbian very close to my heart— I take that shit very seriously. I am the podcast co-host of The Lavender Menace Podcast, the Writing Director of Beloved: A Butch-Femme Zine, and a writer.

On previous social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter, I’ve been essentially chased off of these sites for my (well-informed and well-read) beliefs. But I love books and I love sharing my opinions, so I will not stop! On my Bindery, “sunny thoughts” works as both a little play on words, a description of thoughts that are “sunny” and bright, when really, I am a pretty critical reader and consumer of media. But “sunny thoughts” also literally refers to my (Sunny’s) thoughts, in a Substack-like-newsletter for lengthy written book reviews as well as essays on books, media, the Internet, the world, etc. I hope you join me in this community and find as much joy in approaching and critically examining media and discourse as I do!


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